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GRAF UK – Specialists In Water Management

Graf UK Ltd is one of the fastest-growing suppliers of sustainable water management systems in the UK. We’re focused on three top priorities;

> Preventing flooding in increasingly extreme weather conditions, through stormwater management.
> Preventing sewage being discharged into water courses.
> Putting the precious resource of rainwater to good use through rainwater harvesting.

Using 100% recycled materials in the process.

“We believe that we can all do more to help save water. In the future everyone will realise how precious it is.”

The Latest From Instagram

A while back the Graf UK team installed 3 stormwater attenuation tanks totalling 711m3, for the development of student accommodation in Essex. Here's a bit more information about this project...

#stormwaterattenuation #attenuationtank #attenuationcrates #suds #drainage #grafuk

A few weeks back the Graf UK team installed a total of 6 stormwater attenuation tanks with the combined storage volume of over 3400m3 for a brand new warehouse development in Staffordshire. Here's a bit more information about this project...

#stormwater #stormwatermanagement #stormwaterattenuation #attenuationtank #weloverain #grafuk

All of our sewage treatment plants are very much considered to be plug & play systems, thanks to the pre-configured control panel that comes with the system.

Once the tank is in the ground and you've connected the control panel and compressor to a power supply, all you need to do is set the date & time on the control panel and voila the sewage treatment plant is fully operational!

#sewagetreatmentplant #sewagetreatment #wastewater #wastewatertreatmentplant #drainage

Did you know that most plants in your garden prefer slightly acidic water? And guess what rainwater is slightly acidic! 🧪

By using rainwater, you give your plants the perfect soil conditions to grow and flourish in. ☔️

Plus, mains water is treated with alkaline in order to protect metal pipework from corroding over time, and if you water your plants with mains water then you are reducing the acidity levels in the soil. 🚰

#rainwaterharvesting #rainwatercollection #rainwaterharvestingsystem #watersaving #weloverain #grafuk

46,000L rainwater harvesting tank leaving Banbury HQ today 🚚

Did you know that rainwater harvesting for commercial applications can save up to 80% of the premises' mains water usage! 😱

#rainwater #rainwaterharvesting #rainwatercollection #rainwaterharvestingsystem #rainwatercatchment #water #watersaving #watersavingtips #undergroundtank #civils #drainage #weloverain #grafuk

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