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Welcome to the UK’s Most Trusted Rainwater Harvesting Tank Online Store

We believe that we can all do more to help save water. In the future everyone will realise how precious it is.

We’re immensely proud to be the UK’s fastest-growing supplier of sustainable water management systems in the UK.

Rainwater harvesting systems can provide both domestic and commercial buildings with recycled rainwater to save on mains water usage. Our tanks and filter packages range in size to suit any type of building. From our 1500 litre Platin tank, right up to our 52,000 litre Carat XXL tank, we have a solution for all applications.

We’re based in Banbury and we’re on a mission to help change the world.

Ready to invest in Rainwater Harvesting?

Step 1 – Choose Tank Type

Decide which type of tank you need by visiting our knowledge centre or by calling us on +44 (0)1295 559500.

Step 2 – Choose Tank Size

Decide which is best for your building(s) and water usage by using our tank size calculator or call our dedicated team and we’ll assist with selecting the best option for your requirements.

Step 3 – Select Ideal Tank

Now that you know the ideal tank type and tank size, you can choose your tank or package in our online shop.

Step 4 – Order Online Securely

Place your order online and boom!

7 days later your shiny new tank will arrive ready for you to install.

Meet Our Rainwater Tanks

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