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Platin Tanks

Our direct and indirect platin tank rainwater harvesting systems are two different approaches for collecting, storing and reusing rainwater.

Direct rainwater harvesting systems involve collecting rainwater that falls directly on to a rooftop, which is then channeled through gutters and into the platin tank for later use. This system is simple and quick to install and supplies on demand harvested rainwater to WCs, washing machines and external taps. The direct system works by refilling the tank with mains water, triggered by a float sensor, when the harvested water is running low. The water is then transferred directly from the tank to where it’s needed within the property.

Similarly to a direct system, an indirect system collects rainwater from the roof of a property and is stored in the underground platin tank. The main difference with an indirect system is that the rainwater is fed from the underground platin tank to a header tank. Water is then gravity fed to supply water to WCs, washing machines and external taps. The header tank controls the operation of the system. The mains water switchover point is triggered when water reaches a low level within the header tank and becomes operational when water is not available from the underground platin tank.