MURO Water Collector 260 Litres (Graphite Grey with Tap Included)

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This unique water butt is the perfect addition to your patio or green space. Whilst allowing for effective rainwater harvesting, the stone-effect design makes it a decorative feature in any outdoor space.

This high quality tank comes with a 5 year warranty and two tap connections. This water butt also features a removable lid so you can quickly and easily access the water and fill up your watering can. See below for dimensions & additional product information.

MURO Water Collector 260 Litres (Graphite Grey with Tap Included)
This item: MURO Water Collector 260 Litres (Graphite Grey with Tap Included)
£249.98 inc VAT
£249.98 inc VAT
Rapido Diverter (for round downpipes)
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The MURO Grey Water Butt is one you won’t want to hideaway.

With its large capacity and ability to connect to your downpipes, you will be able to collect plenty of naturally soft rainwater for watering your plants and flowers. Finished in a stone-effect, this water butt is not only practical, but will have you harvesting your water in style.

Features and Benefits

      • High Quality – Add a stone-effect flavour to your garden with this unique design, made to withstand the test of time.
      • Eco-Friendly – Helping you do your bit, this water butt harvests rainwater for your garden the contemporary way.
      • Make Some Serious Savings –  Mains water is an expensive commodity, so rainwater harvesting is a perfect, money saving alternative.
      • Incorporated Tap –  Making it easier than ever to decant your water, a user-friendly tap is included for your convenience.


      • Each tank is unique due to the special production process
      • Highly elaborate details
      • Water can be extracted with ease using the tap or universal hose kit
      • Inlet seal DN 19/32 and plant fleece included
      • High-quality brass thread for easy installation of the tap without drilling
      • 3/4″ brass thread for easy installation of the tap
      • Colour: Graphite Grey

Please Note: Downpipe and downpipe filter not included, must be purchased separately.

Helpful information on installing your downpipe

  • The water butts do not come predrilled. This product is very easy to use and can be drilled in by anyone. Simply attach the drill bit onto your drill and begin drilling – remember you must drill the hole in the water butt at the same level as the hole in the downpipe!
  • As long as the holes drilled in both the water butt and the downpipe are level, the water butt will continue down the downpipe when the water butt is full.


Delivery Requirements – Please read before ordering!

Due to its size, this item will be delivered on a pallet by one of our haulage companies. They utilise vehicles that are usually larger than a standard courier van.  If you think that our couriers may have difficulty accessing your delivery address, please kindly state this in the delivery instructions, and a member of our team will contact you to make appropriate alternative arrangements.

If you won’t be present to receive your delivery, please ensure that you designate a safe place for the item to be left. Without these instructions, we will be unable to complete the delivery in your absence.

Our haulier will deliver your water butt to your doorstep. Unfortunately, they will not be able to enter the premises and place the water butt wherever you may specifically require it.

Each water butt arrives on a pallet. Our haulier will not be able to remove this once they have delivered the water butt.


Product Dimensions, Levels & Weights

  • Capacity: 260 Litres (55 UK Gallons)
  • Weight (kg): 15
  • Dimensions: 700 Ø max. (mm) x 930 Height (mm)


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