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Potable Water Tanks

Underground Potable Water Tanks

Water is our most precious resource. The quality of mains water varies enormously from country to country. Not all homes are supplied with mains water, especially in remote locations. In such locations properties can use the water resources available to them from natural sources. Fresh water from individual springs can be captured using spring water shafts and fed to a potable water storage tank.

GRAF potable water storage tanks are only made from food-safe plastic. Special requirements have to be met when storing potable water. GRAF potable water tanks are made from robust, durable polyethylene. They are easy to clean thanks to their smooth inner surfaces, allowing potable water to be stored in a perfectly hygienic manner. All of our potable water tanks come with WRAS (water regulations advisory scheme) approval.

WRAS approved potable water tank with lid

Carat XL drinking water reservoir

Platin potable water tank

WRAS approved potable water tank with lid

Platin drinking water reservoir

WRAS approved potable water tank with lid

Diamant drinking water reservoir