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Graf UK x GreenThumb

GRAF UK Ltd is delighted to announce a significant new partnership with leading lawn care company, GreenThumb. This pioneering collaboration aims to bring an eco-friendly and aesthetic solution to passionate lawn enthusiasts nationwide.

We proudly offer GreenThumb’s discerning customers the unique opportunity to install our renowned GRAF & GARANTIA water butts and rainwater harvesting tanks. Crafted with the utmost care, most of our water butts and all of our rainwater harvesting tanks are made using recycled plastic, reinforcing our commitment to environmentally conscious practices.

Our products not only serve as functional tools for water management but also as decorative additions, designed to complement and enhance beautifully maintained gardens. Recognising the preferences of garden lovers, we understand that rainwater, rather than mains water, is the most effective for nurturing lush green lawns and vibrant plant life.

This exciting partnership unites water-saving technology, horticultural beauty, and sustainability, encouraging a more eco-friendly approach to lawn care. We firmly believe that our customers who invest time and love into their gardens will appreciate the benefits of using our sustainable rainwater systems.

Together with GreenThumb, we stand steadfast in our shared commitment to sustainable gardening. This collaboration enables more people to maximise the potential of their outdoor spaces, while positively impacting environmental conservation.

For us, this partnership signifies more than a business alliance. It’s a commitment to bring about a positive change, fostering an environmentally responsible ethos that promotes the beauty and wellbeing of our gardens.

Embrace a greener future with GRAF UK Ltd and GreenThumb and allow us to bring sustainable innovation to your doorstep.

About GRAF UK Ltd:

GRAF UK Ltd is a leading supplier of water management solutions, specialising in the design and production of decorative and practical rainwater harvesting systems made largely from recycled materials.

As one of the fastest growing suppliers of sustainable water management systems in the UK we’re focused on three top priorities: 

Preventing flooding in increasingly extreme weather conditions, through stormwater management.

Preventing sewage being discharged into water courses. 

Putting the precious resource of rainwater to good use through rainwater harvesting.

About GreenThumb – a sustainable wellbeing pedigree

Over 36 years, GreenThumb have adapted their cycle of treatments to deliver green lawns that complete garden visions whilst taking seriously, as the market leader, their environmental responsibilities. 

They have, for instance, developed Oasis, which includes seaweed extract, a treatment that dramatically reduces the need to water lawns (by up to 80%).

And they work very closely with their global research and development partner ICL to ensure they apply the best possible products, cost effectively and safely. Herbicides, for example, are applied only as necessary, specifically to target weeds, rather than blanket spraying lawns. 

Their fertilisers are best in class and designed to control nutrient release applicable to the time of year, temperature, and moisture levels. They are also constantly trialing organic (even vegan) alternatives to all their products. 

Augmenting their cycle of treatments, they use a number of non-pesticidal products that are designed to strengthen the grass plant and protect it from disease. And GreenThumb are proud to be founding members of the Lawn Assured Standard, working very closely with BASIS. In doing so they are subjected to rigorous audits to ensure their highly trained operatives are adhering to all regulations.

They are mindful of becoming part of the rewilding conversation, the evolving garden aesthetic and sustainability because GreenThumb understand and promote the wellbeing benefits a green lawn affords, for people, communities, and the planet. 


For further information, please contact Tangerine Comms on 0161 817 6600 or via email: Greenthumb@Tangerinecomms.com