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GRAF UK – Specialists In Water Management

Graf UK Ltd is one of the fastest-growing suppliers of sustainable water management systems in the UK. We’re focused on three top priorities;

> Preventing flooding in increasingly extreme weather conditions, through stormwater management.
> Preventing sewage being discharged into water courses.
> Putting the precious resource of rainwater to good use through rainwater harvesting.

Using 100% recycled materials in the process.

“We believe that we can all do more to help save water. In the future everyone will realise how precious it is.”

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All things in life require some form of maintenance to keep them in good condition. This is true of equipment, vehicles, houses, and of course, rainwater harvesting systems. The good news is that maintenance of a rainwater harvesting system is simple and can often be done quickly and with little cost.

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By adding a single row of EcoBloc Flex Inspect to an EcoBloc stormwater attenuation tank, it helps to make the system fully inspectable for future maintenance and servicing.

#stormwatermanagement #stormwaterattenuation #attenuationtank #drainage #suds

In the UK, building regulations dictate that when you install a sewage treatment plant you need to also have a sampling chamber along the drainage line. This allows for samples to taken from the discharged effluent. In most cases a sampling chamber is installed externally to the tank.

But with every Graf UK treatment plant, there is an integrated sampling chamber which saves you time and money from having to purchase and install an external chamber.

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